Why Do Skylights Have A Bad Reputation – Don’t Believe Everything That You Hear

On February, 24, 2018

skylightSmart homeowners make it a point to do at least a little research before making big choices about their house. For instance, if you were considering adding a skylight, you would first do some investigating so you can determine if this is right for you. Home improvements can become quite costly, so you want to feel certain that you are approaching this as a wise and informed consumer.
It is also important to do research because this enables you to dispel any erroneous notions about certain features, such as skylights. In fact, it is quite a shame that skylights have gotten such a bad rap, especially since they have so much to offer.

The Truth About Leaks

The biggest problem with the myth that all sky lights leak is exactly that – it is a myth. Older generation skylights were known to leak, this is often because the designs were new and flaws had not yet been detected. However, much of it comes from the fact that homeowners were not as diligent about caring for their roof, including their skylights, as they should have been.
Not to mention, hiring a shoddy contractor to execute the work does not make the sky light at fault. To avoid leaks, invest in a quality product, as well as a superior contractor, and stay proactive about inspections and maintenance. Avoid cutting corners with glazed plastic and you are much more likely to enjoy long term performance from your skylight.

What About the Pros?

Let’s take a moment to reflect, instead, on some of the advantages that you can expect, by implementing a skylight system into your home.

Nothing lights up a room quite the way this type of overhead window does, but naturally. This can make an otherwise dark room much brighter, without just relying on artificial lighting to do so.

It can increase the value of your home, making it a wise investment. As long as you opt for quality and avoid problems, your skylights can be a huge selling point.

It can be a viable solution for rooms that need light but offer no space for traditional window styles. A bathroom is a perfect example of this.

A venting skylight offers the opportunity to introduce fresh air into your home. That means you can get more natural cooling in the summer, especially for those spaces that tend to otherwise trap heat.

Aside from making your home look warmer and more inviting by introducing more natural light, quality skylights can also enhance the visual aesthetics of your home.

Find Out if Skylights Are Right For You

If you live in the Montgomery County area and are considering adding one or more skylights to your home, you owe it to yourself to call on Mastroni Bothers Inc. Since 1920, our family owned and operated business has been demonstrating time and time again what service excellence looks like. Now, we look forward to having the opportunity to partner with you and provide you with the service and final results that you want and deserve.

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