3 Typical Montgomery County Roofing Problems To Avoid

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On February, 24, 2018

montgomery county roofing problemsThe majority of roof problems are caused by improper installation, but there are other reasons why roofs fail long before they should.

The problem with a roof leak is that it can go on for a decade before it’s noticed. This is why professional roof inspections are so important. Savvy homeowners get an inspection yearly or every other year and after damaging storms. But many don’t ever get one done and yet still expect their roof to work fine.

Here are three common roofing problems that are avoidable if you know to watch for them.

Roof Installation Mistakes

Each manufacturer of a roofing product designs the product to be installed in a certain, specific way. If corners are cut or the roofer isn’t as experienced as they need to be, the roof owner will be faced with problems that can be quite expensive.

As Montgomery County roofing contractors with service since 1920, Mastroni Brothers Inc. has replaced many roofs way before their time. We can tell you that the installation is of vital importance, so be careful who you choose to install or replace your roof. If the installation is wrong, the roof will have to be replaced years sooner.

A roof that is well designed and installed correctly will last as long as it should with proper maintenance, regular inspections, and timely repairs.

It will also help you save energy and make your home more comfortable. The attic and roof of your Montgomery County home are important, which is why there are so many factors involved in designing and building them so they work well together.

Attic Ventilation Problems

The attic of your home serves more the one purpose. It’s not just there so you can access the underside of the roof or so you can use it for extra storage space.

The attic plays an important role in ventilation for the home and the roof. If the ventilation is not right and too much moisture is trapped within the ceiling and wall spaces or within the areas where insulation is placed, then rotting and mold become a problem. Proper ventilation keeps everything drier.

You may think that because we have so much cold weather here in Pennsylvania that a nice warm roof is a good thing to help you save energy on heating your home. This makes sense until you understand that moist heat is not good for the wood, insulation, and other materials. The right ventilation will balance the moisture content to preserve the structure of your home.

Insulation doesn’t do its job well when it’s wet or moist. Dry insulation will help to keep your home insulated from the cold.

Loose Flashing Problems

Flashing can come loose at any time. It is installed anywhere two roof lines meet and where projections meet the roof. You’ve probably heard of chimney flashing.

Storms, high winds, and hail can loosen it to where it can no longer keep rain out. It can also be installed wrong. It’s all too easy for a roofer not to take care when installing flashing. The homeowner is left with damages down the line after the problem has been going on for some time.

If you have questions or roof problems and need a reliable Montgomery County Roofing Contractor, please call Mastroni Brothers, Inc. at 215-233-4022 or complete our online request form.




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