Montgomery County Stone Masonry

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On January, 22, 2018

Masonry can be defined as the construction of building units together with mortar. Stones and bricks are the commonly used building units. Masonry may also be used for the construction of walls. It may be divided into two as stone masonry and brick masonry. Stone masonry is mainly used for constructing the fence whereas the Montgomery County Brick Masonry is used for constructing the walls of buildings.

Stone masonry is the roughest and cheapest form of stone walling. Stone Masonry is divided into two as Rubble Masonry and Ashlar Masonry. Rubble masonry is again divided into random rubble and square rubble. In Random rubble, the stones used are of widely different sizes, whereas in square rubble, the stones used are usually squared and should brought to hammer dressed or straight cut finish. Polygon walling is also a type of rubble masonry.In this type,the stones are hammer finished on face to an irregular polygonal shape. These stones are bedded in position to show face joints running irregularly in all directions.

In Ashlar Masonry, the stones used may be extremely dressed. The blocks may be either square and rectangular shape. There are different types of ashlar masonries. One such type is ashlar fine tooled masonry. It is the finest type of stone masonry work. Here each stone is cut to regular size and shape. So as to have all sides rectangular. So that the stone give perfectly horizontal and vertical joints with adjoining stone. Another type is ashlar rough tooled, here the only difference is that bed and sides of each stone block are finely hammered. here the exposed face is finished by rough tooling.

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