Tips On Historical Home Restorations

On January, 22, 2018

Historical home restorations

Mastroni Brothers, Inc. has been in the restoration industry since 1920. With our years of experience as Montgomery County roofing contractors and restoration specialists, we are very familiar with problems associated with historical restorations.

Historical home restorations have to be done to a really high standard. You should always choose a contractor who is very familiar with historical restorations.

If you trust your contractor, be sure to listen to them if they tell you what needs to be done. If you don’t trust them, you can always get a second opinion on the matter.

Keep In Mind: Historical Homes Are Old Homes

If you have a historical home, you need to expect a lot of things to go wrong over time. Unless the house has been through a complete restoration, you’ll face plenty of problems.

One day you’ll be fixing a window pane that fell out, one day you’ll be fixing the fuses that blow out in the kitchen, another you’ll need wiring repairs or to patch up old concrete. The work may never stop unless you get the historical renovations done all at once.

Renovations & Upgrades That Don’t Match The historical Home

It’s very uncommon for new homeowners to discover that some of the renovations or additions which were done in the past don’t match the original time period of the historical home.

For instance, if the home wasn’t large enough and a room was added on, the new room may match the contemporary style at the time. Having a mixed style takes away from the value of the historic home.

Therefore, if you plan to restore a historical home, make sure the construction contractors restore the original style of your house. It can cost a fortune to remove the mistakes.

Matching Millwork & Decorative Plaster

The problem with historical home restorations is that you can’t find parts at the local home improvement store. There are many historical features of the home that will need to be replaced over time.

Whether it’s a door knob, interior trim, decorative plaster, medallions, dentils, brackets, or exterior brackets, running trim or beaded rail, the historical restoration must be done right.

If you have questions or are looking for a Historical Restoration Expert in Montgomery County, please call Mastroni Brothers, Inc. at 215-233-4022 or complete our online request form.




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