Chimney Flashing Glenside PA

Chimney flashing is used as a method of routing rainwater past the area where the chimney connects to the roof structure, keeping the intersection between the roof and chimney materials watertight. It is made of sheet metal and is fashioned in a specific way to the intersection according to the method appropriate for your roof structure.

If the flashing isn’t installed correctly, there will be problems with leaking when it rains or storms. Unfortunately, this happens all too often for many homeowners. The chimney flashing is a common area that is installed wrong when homes are built or when the area needs repair.

Even with slow leaks, the moisture can seep into the attic, crawl spaces, or wall cavities. And when that happens it’s a prime incubator for mold growth or other problems like mildew, algae, insect infestations, rot, and more.

Proper Professional Chimney Flashing Installations

To install chimney flashing right, you certainly don’t just slap some silicone or roofing tar on the problem. And unfortunately, that’s how we find a lot of roof repairs done. The flashing needs to be properly installed with step flashing and counter flashing with specific techniques that ensure there will be a watertight connection between the chimney and the roof.

Different roof structures require different techniques, and at Mastroni Brothers, Inc., you can count on your chimney flashing to be installed by professionals who know what they’re doing with your roof, no matter what we’re installing or repairing.

Mastroni Brothers, Inc. is Montgomery County’s premier remodeling company with over 90 years of experience in the roofing and home restoration service industry. We provide excellent customer service, expert roofing and restoration services, and quality workmanship.

Chimney Flashing Leaks Detection & Roof Inspections

Leaks in your roof structure aren’t always apparent. In fact, you can have a problem with your roof leaking for months before you may know there’s anything wrong with it.

This is because leaks can be slow and take a while, slowly dripping onto the building materials in your attic spaces or inside walls.

The moisture collecting can cause mold and unhealthy mildew growth, all hidden withing your walls or ceiling areas. And this is what makes roof inspections and chimney flashing leak inspections important.

If you believe your flashing needs to be checked out, don’t hesitate to get your roof inspected. Leaks, especially around chimney flashing can be very common and detecting them early will save you a lot of problems down the line. Let us help you with your roofing problems, including leak detection, roof inspections, roof repairs, and chimney flashing installations or repairs.

If you need Professional Chimney Flashing Installation Services, please call 215-233-4022 or complete our online request form.

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